Limitations Of A Tribe

Seth Godin (@ThisIsSethsBlog) has shown the power and influence of Tribes. Much can be achieved by a motivated group of focused people. As Seth shares, groups as small as 1000 can have far-reaching effect.

In the political arena, this dynamic is often only partially effective.

Much the same way that a dog encounters a real problem when it actually catches the car, a "successful" political Tribe often encounters difficulty post victory.

Why Your Process Stinks

You have seen it numbers of times. A squad of High School cheerleaders leading a stadium filled with employees of a company:

“We got Process! Yes we do! We got Process, Better than YOU!”

Yeah, never!

Process Laws

For those familiar w/ SlideShare, I uploaded my first one tonight!

Christie's Missed Opportunity

For all the celebration around Christie's victory last night, he missed a real political opportunity that he (and other Republicans) will regret. As expected, Governor Christie won his re-election bid. However, he missed out in the Virginia Governor's race on what could have been a golden opportunity. Governor Christie's refusal to make a quick campaign stop near the end of the race was a miss by Mr "Its-About-Winning-Elections".

Pre-Halloween Tweets

As further examples of the Obamacare gift that keeps on giving, today's Tweet of the Day winner and runner-up keep the pressure applied.

Today's Honorable Mention gets the award for brilliantly blending two recent debacles into one short 140 characters.

Favorite Tweets From Oct 25th

Thanks to Scott Graves for initiating this fun Twitter thread!

For the record, he started it!

Obamacare: Worse By The Day

It is hard to imagine that just a few days ago Democrats were chortling amongst themselves in anticipation of their upcoming electoral ascendancy after the "agreement" (read: surrender) over the Continuing Resolution & Debt Ceiling. Establishment Republicans, never on-board with Conservative efforts to challenge Obamacare, led the sullen retreat as the giggling Democrats cheered.

Favorite Tweets Of Oct 23rd

This may or may not become a recurring post on some schedule that I will not commit at this time, but it has been very fun in the Twitter universe of late.

Not to self-promote, but my #1 of the day was a personal one:

Obamacare: Bad Getting Worse

Much has been publicized about the problems with the roll-out of Obamacare (specifically its website, Healthcare.Gov). Media outlets are expressing dismay and disappointment as their reporters waste precious broadcast segments in repeated failed attempts to demonstrate the website to the public. For many, they have tried multiple times at different times clamouring for that interaction that they can label a "success".


Boehner Gambit Will Not Work

The recent conversation from US House Speaker John Boehner, where he warned his fellow Republicans "against using the threat of a government shutdown to stop the implementation of Obamacare" is disappointing. It is disappointing because it further evidences a failure of understanding and failure of strategy.